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Armed Bermuda Sloop


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Armed Bermuda Sloop

bermuda sloop.jpg
bermuda sloop.jpg

Armed Bermuda Sloop


A true pirate and smuggler's' ship.

The Bermuda Sloop was the foundation of Bermuda’s wartime economy. These single-mast cedar vessels were fast, light and resistant to rot and shipworm, making them ideal trading vessels.
They were highly prized by merchants as they could carry heavier cargoes, draw less water and were much faster than rival carriers.
They were equally sought after by privateers, pirates and navies for the same reasons.

Hull size 15.25" x 5" ( 388mm x 127mm)
The ship is manufactured in high detail and from a very durable, high quality resin. In addition to the hull it comes with masts, captains cabin, ships wheel, bowsprit brace and cathead, all parts are pre-cut or assembled ready for you to put together and includes

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