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Pigsty Pen, by CharlieFoxTrot


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Pigsty Pen, by CharlieFoxTrot

sold out

Pigsty Pen, by CharlieFoxTrot


Excellent kit to complete your farm settings. This kit is supplied flat packed and unpainted and consists of :
1: One floor plate with notched sides which accept the fences
2: One separate fence base strip. I designed the kit so you have the option of having the model free standing or backing up against another building or wall. In a later picture, the pigsty has been backed against my barn (sold separately). If you back it up you can have a piece of fence elsewhere on your wargames table.
3:Four fence pieces. On one side there is a gate which can be glued in open or closed positions.
4:One 5 piece weathered pigsty
5: Two bases for pigs to be glued on (note PIGS are NOT SUPPLIED) If you want to have your pig pen empty of live stock, the bases can be used for mortars or prone models.

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